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We offer high-quality translation services. We translate any legal, technical and fictional texts, personal documents, certificates, contracts, agreements, books, emails, web pages, instructions, descriptions, user guides, etc.


If required, translations of documents can be certified by us with the translator’s signature in the office, or at the place of a sworn notary, Agra Šeibe.


The price of a translation is calculated for a standard page - 1800 characters with spaces, ie. 250 words, which is approximately one A4 page. In order to specify the total price of a translation, please email the document to and we will calculate the costs.


In order to guarantee a high-quality translation we provide translation of 5 standard pages to/from English and Russian per day. We offer translation of 3 standard pages per day for less popular language pairs. Previous agreement terms may be adjusted without additional charge.


The minimum order is 1 standard page - 1800 characters with spaces. If less than 1 page is required to translate, we will still charge for 1 page.


If you require an urgent translation which exceeds the 3 or 5 pages per day mentioned above, we will review each case separately and only undertake to complete the translation provided that it is reasonably possible to do so by maintaining our high standards of quality.


Our standard office hours are 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM on working days. However, upon prior agreement we accept and send documents outside office hours.


If you require a translation in a language not indicated in our price list, please feel free to ask. By regularly collaborating with foreign translation agencies we can provide a translation in almost any language of the world.


Our translation agency "Valodu Eksperts" has been providing translation services since 2003, and we are proud of extensive experience. During this time we have created a wide range of loyal customers and a good reputation. We have a wealth of experience liaising with public authorities, ministries, and large Latvian and international companies.


By only employing competent and experienced translators we can guarantee high-quality translations. When translating texts for publication in the Internet or in print we involve native-speaking translators and proof-readers so that all nuances of the language are understood and translated correctly.


You can be absolutely sure that we always respect confidentiality. We never disclose the content of documents to be translated to any third parties.


If you want to order a translation and you want save time, instead of visiting our office you can email your documents to, WhatsApp, or MessengerIf a document is not in electronic format (Word, PDF, etc.) you can scan it or even use your mobile to take a photo to send us an image. If a translation should not be certified by a translator or the Notary then we will send you the finished translation by email and you will be able to make a payment via Internet bank.


AAS Baltikums: Required translations are made very quickly, for friendly prices (including - payment terms, volume discounts), and accurately as well, by providing translators of the language required (e.g., Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish) - such services are not always available. 

SIA Merks: "Valodu Eksperts" can provide the customer with translations of high-quality. The team of "Valodu Eksperts" meets the terms and quality of translations in a responsible manner.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia: The work is performed diligently and in a quality manner by precisely respecting the terms and confidentiality of information of the customer.

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