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Written translations in all languages of the world. We accept documents for translation via email or WhatsApp 24/7

  • Send us the text and we will estimate the total costs and translation timeline.


Our standard business hours are weekdays, 10:00 -18:00. With prior arrangement we also accept and deliver documents outside business hours.


Thanks to the cooperation of our global partners our translation team can provide translations into any language of the world.


We only work with professional and experienced translators and can guarantee high quality translations.


Send your project to our e-mail [email protected] or WhatsApp +37125162279. We will prepare an invoice for you that can easily be paid using your online banking solution.

Translation services:

  • Professional correspondence translations.
  • Translations of contracts when cooperating with foreign partners and customers.
  • Product descriptions for attracting new customers.
  • Website, brochures, advertising material and commercial offer translations.
  • All types of documents - financial, economic, technical, legal, medical translations, etc.
  • Translations of technical descriptions and user instructions.
  • Translations of powers of attorney, wills and certification.
  • Translation of personal documents - certificates of birth, certificates of education, diplomas, references, etc.
  • Legal translations.
  • Technical translations.

Notarized translations:

  • Translator’s certification signed and sealed at our office.
  • Sworn Notary’s certification by Notary Agra Šeibe.

Your benefits:


The translation bureau “Valodu Eksperts” has been providing translation services since 2003 and we are proud of the extensive experience of our team. We have built relationships with a wide range of clients who value our eminent reputation. We have good experience in working with state authorities, ministries and large Latvian and international companies. 


We only work with professional and experienced translators and can guarantee a high quality translations.Texts for publication online or in print are reviewed by translators and editors who are native speakers of the target language. 


You can be absolutely sure that we will always keep the confidentiality of your data. We never disclose the contents of the translated documents to third parties.


Email your documents to [email protected] or to WhatsApp +37127807575.

If you don’t have the document in a computer-readable format (Word, PDF, etc.), you can scan it or even take a picture with your phone and send it to us. 

We will send the translation to your email and you can settle the invoice using the online banking solution of your choice.

What do you need to know before ordering a translation?


The price of the translation is estimated for a standard page - 1800 characters with spaces or 250 words. It is approximately one A4 page. To specify the price, email the document to [email protected] or WhatsApp +37125162279 and we will get back to you with the total price.


The minimum order is 1 standard page - 1800 characters with spaces. If your text is shorter than one page, you will be charged for a full page


To guarantee high quality translation, we provide Russian and English translation of 5-8 standard pages per day. For less common languages we provide translation of 3-5 standard pages per day. By prior arrangement we may adjust the deadline without any additional cost.

Reviews and our customers

During our operation we have provided translation services to many businesses and individuals. Our customers are the best advertisement for our work. We value their trust!


All translations have been carried out very quickly and at a reasonable price (including payment terms and volume discounts), and accurately. “Valodu Eksperts” provided us with translation solutions for less common languages like Italian, Hungarian, Swedish and Polish.


"Valodu Eksperts" are capable of providing high quality translation services. The "Valodu Eksperts" team always meets deadlines and ensure a quality translation.


The work is carried out diligently and at high quality; they comply with the deadlines and client’s confidentiality requirements. 

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Kristīne Deiliko - Head of the translation bureau